CapitalRock Launches RightBridge Annuity Wizard

Salt Lake City, Utah, February 2, 2011 -

CapitalRock announced today the expansion of its product line to include the RightBridge® Annuity Wizard. The Annuity Wizard uses the RightBridge business analy cs engine to determine the relevance of specific annui es for a client’s needs and objec ves. The RightBridge engine is unique in its use of Reason TextTM to effec vely communicate to financial professionals and clients the detailed reasons why specific annui es fit an iden fied need.

“With the large number of annuity products and features available from mul ple insurers it can o en be challenging for a financial professional to effec vely focus on the carriers, products, and features that best meet the objec ves and needs of an individual client.” says John Hyde, CapitalRock CEO. “The Annuity Wizard helps financial professionals iden fy the subset of products that best meet the client’s objec ves. Not only are the products filtered, but features such as living benefits are analyzed and presented. This ensures that the right products with the right features are evaluated and discussed with the client. Addi onally, the Annuity Wizard narrows the product field so that addi onal discussion items such as prospectuses and illustra ons around those products can be clearly discussed and presented.”

The Annuity Wizard process starts by asking the financial professional ques ons about the key objec ves and preferences of a client such as; living benefits requirements, asset growth and protec on, guaranteed income or withdrawal needs, liquidity expecta ons, me horizon and single and joint life op ons. The RightBridge business analy cs engine then filters the inventory of available annui es based upon the best fit for the client’s needs. Then detailed reason text for each product is presented to assist the financial professional in understanding and communica ng how the specific annuity meets the client’s needs.

To learn more about the RightBridge Annuity Wizard call 801-292-71268 eoxrtv.i1si1t3uosravtisit


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