Cetera Financial Group Launches Powerful New Data Mining and Client Acquisition Tool for Cetera Financial Institutions and Cetera Financial Specialists

With Introduction of the RightBRIDGE® Suggestion Engine, Two Cetera Broker-Dealers Incorporate Client-Specific, Needs-Based Resource into SmartWorks Advisor Workstations

Cetera Financial Group ("Cetera"), a leading network of independent broker-dealers, announced today that it has introduced RightBRIDGE, a new online tool that is driven by a powerful suggestion engine designed to help advisors uncover holistic opportunities within their book of business and enhance relevant conversations with clients. This special technology has been integrated with the advisor workstations for Cetera Financial Institutions and Cetera Financial Specialists, two broker-dealer firms in the Cetera network. The move follows a highly successful pilot program encompassing 75 Cetera financial advisors across the country.

Cetera Financial Institutions caters exclusively to the bank and credit union channel, while Cetera Financial Specialists is focused on serving tax and accounting professionals who integrate wealth management into their practices. Cetera Financial Group envisions rolling out the RightBRIDGE suggestion engine throughout its network of broker-dealer firms.

Catherine Bonneau, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cetera Financial Institutions, said, "Full integration between the RightBRIDGE suggestion engine, along with the aggregated data available in our SmartWorks advisor workstation, is a major step towards harnessing the power of big data. Making it available to all our advisors at no additional cost will ensure that advisors and their clients reap the benefits immediately. Our initial pilot program demonstrated a marked increase in the ability of our advisors to expand client relationships by offering compelling financial solutions in a way that responds to their clients' most relevant financial needs due to the predictive analytics. RightBRIDGE increased our advisors' share of wallet among clients, bolstered the efficiency of our advisors' workday, and improved their client relationships and retention."

Designed by CapitalRock, LLC, the RightBRIDGE® technology uses sophisticated business intelligence to consistently and continually identify high priority suggestions that are most appropriate for each client. Based on each client and prospective client's financial and personal data, RightBRIDGE also provides talking points to give advisors the information they need to engage in meaningful client discussions. These evaluations are accomplished using the RightBRIDGE algorithm, without intervention by the financial professional. The suggested opportunities appear on the financial professional's dashboard each day, accompanied by easy-to-implement actions that may lead to growth in their business and higher levels of client satisfaction.

One of the key attractions of RightBRIDGE® is its ability to incorporate a large number of relevant "bridges," or suggestions, encompassing 24 different compliance-approved financial categories, prioritizing the most relevant opportunities on the basis of a continually updated account evaluation.

Gregg Ruvoli, President of Cetera Financial Specialists, said, "RightBRIDGE utilizes a wealth of client information to identify solutions most appropriate for individual clients. In today's current environment, with the growing emphasis on meeting fiduciary standards, there is no better time to put such a compliance-friendly tool in the hands of our advisors."

"We are extremely pleased to see one of the premier networks of independent broker-dealers choose RightBRIDGE for its Cetera Financial Institutions and Cetera Financial Specialists firms," commented John Hyde, President and Chief Executive Officer of CapitalRock. "Cetera understands our vision of identifying new opportunities for advisors and we are excited about this relationship. We look forward to developing our rapport with Cetera as they continue to extend the cutting-edge benefits of this robust new tool to assist advisors throughout its network of firms."

About CapitalRock

CapitalRock, LLC is focused on maximizing sales opportunities within a company's customer base. CaptialRock develops sales intelligence and product selection technology for many of the largest financial services companies. CapitalRock was founded by a group of industry experts that have been building customer relationship and wealth management solutions for the financial services market for 25 years. For more information, visit capitalrock.com.

About Cetera Financial Group

Cetera Financial Group is a leading network of independent retail broker-dealers empowering the delivery of objective financial advice to investors across the country through trusted financial advisors and financial institutions. The network is comprised of ten firms - four legacy Cetera-branded firms (Cetera Advisors, Cetera Advisor Networks, Cetera Investment Services, marketed as Cetera Financial Institutions, and Cetera Financial Specialists) along with First Allied Securities, Investors Capital Corporation, Legend Equities Corporation, Summit Brokerage, VSR Financial Services and Girard Securities. 

Cetera Financial Group is the second largest independent financial advisor network in the nation by number of advisors, as well as a leading provider of retail services to the investment programs of banks and credit unions. Cetera Financial Group delivers award-winning wealth management and advisory platforms, comprehensive broker-dealer and registered investment adviser services, and innovative technology to over 9,000 independent financial professionals and over 500 financial institutions nationwide. Through its distinct firms, Cetera Financial Group offers the benefits of a large, established broker-dealer and registered investment adviser, while serving independent and institutions-based financial advisors in a way that is customized to their needs and aspirations. Cetera Financial Group is committed to helping advisors grow their businesses and strengthen their relationships with clients. For more information, visit ceterafinancialgroup.com.