The RightBRIDGE Client Profiler® is a needs-based AI engine that identifies all relevant client needs and opportunities.

  • The Client Profiler uses a Smart Questionnaire to develop financial priorities and a client profile

  • Scores each planning topic

  • Uses ReasonText™ to explain results

  • Provides automated annual reviews

The Client Profiler® (formerly called the Suggestion Engine) can be used in two ways:

1) Quickly assess the top needs and priorities of a client using a smart questionnaire.

2) Use existing data on the entire book of business to identify high priority needs and opportunities across an entire client-base.

Smart Questionnaire


For new clients or prospects the Client Profiler® uses a smart questionnaire to determine the most important information to collect about a client to streamline the fact-finding process and ask for the highest priority information first. Using the key information the expert system can quickly build a client profile identifying the highest priorities and needs.

Client Profile

The new RightBRIDGE Client Profile interface has also been updated to the new modern front-end architecture utilizing Angular 4+.  Using a more graphical user interface the client’s top needs can be summarized in a dashboard that shows the need, a graphical display of the need and ReasonText™ that explains the need in a way that helps the advisor quickly understand the opportunity as illustrated on the screen to the right.

Existing Book of Business

RightBRIDGE uses artificial intelligence to identify individual client's needs and  provides many other powerful and significant benefits including:

  • Enhances customer relationships, improves loyalty and retention

  • Leverages CRM and data warehousing investments

  • Provides personalized client-specific suggestions

  • Explains in easy to understand Reason Text™ why each suggestion is recommended

  • Captures life events, which influences suggestions made by the system

Imagine having an expert financial analyst working for you 24/7, analyzing your client’s information and suggesting specific, relevant opportunities for those clients and prospects

  • Along with detailed explanations about why those opportunities are a good fit for your clients.  

RightBRIDGE sifts through the entire prospect and client base and identifies the most compelling opportunities and more importantly presents them with detailed reason text™ explaining why each suggestion is relevant.

How it Works

The Client Profiler® Does the Hard Work For You

RightBRIDGE Widgets

RightBRIDGE Widgets present suggestions in a simple and straightforward way, right at the point of client contact which is the key to cross selling success. RightBRIDGE Widgets can be embedded in a portal, CRM or workstation. These widgets give financial professionals easy access to their best sales opportunities.

Widgets available:

Client Widget

For each client the top three suggestions are presented in the client widget complete with reasons why the suggestions are relevant including details and calculations.  The client widget can be integrated in salesforce, other CRM systems, a work-station, or portal.

Opportunities of the Day Widget

The Opportunities of the Day Widget presents suggestions in a simple and straightforward way, right where an advisor starts their day. The RightBRIDGE Widget can be embedded in a portal, CRM or workstation. The widget gives financial professionals easy access to their best sales opportunities.


The RightBRIDGE Client Profiler® Makes a Difference

RightBRIDGE® offers a comprehensive solution that provides specific sales opportunities for insurance, brokerage, banking, and property and casualty. It helps financial professionals to:

Understand WHY each opportunity is appropriate for the client

Identify the prospects in their book of business by relevant sales opportunity

Measure the results, track the success of each contact, and increase sales

client meetings and calls pic .png

Client Meetings and Calls

The Client View Tab identifies the specific rank-ordered sales opportunities (WHAT) for each client and prospect with reasons (WHY) each opportunity is relevant, and puts this information right at the financial professional's fingertips. A client report of all the client's needs can also be generated from this view. Everything a producer needs to engage the client is on this screen.

client reviews icon .png

Client Reviews

Give your financial professionals a systematic tool that will assist them in completing annual client reviews while providing opportunities to cross-sell additional products and services. RightBRIDGE® provides client reports that assist the professional in knowing the most relevant needs-based opportunities as well as identifying missing or outdated profile data than needs to be validated.

client data capture icon .png

Client Data Capture

RightBRIDGE® is built on a flexible data hierarchy that prompts advisors when analyzing outdated or missing client profile information. The most important data is collected first, maximizing additional new sales opportunities. When missing or outdated client data is identified, RightBRIDGE® will gather the necessary data and provide the updated data back to the company's central data store for use in other systems.

management reports icon .png

Management Reports

RightBRIDGE® provides a series of powerful reports to assist both the producer and sales management in analyzing current sales opportunities and success with various sales concepts. Based on user hierarchy, the reports can be generated at an producer, office, region, or company level, and can be output to both PDF or Excel.

opporuntiy management icon .png

Opportunity Management

The RightBRIDGE Opportunities module allows a financial professional to search through his/her book of business and find specific types of sales opportunities and the clients that are a good fit for the selected opportunities.

continutous training icon .png

Continuous Training

Train your advisors in real-time on how to recognize relevant sales opportunities through the RightBRIDGE® reason text. Advisors will see how factors such as age, income, investment experience, risk tolerance, tax bracket, years until retirement, etc. will score to make an opportunity a relevant suggestion for a client.