Continuous Training

Teach your financial professionals new skills in the context of each new sales opportunity.

The key to real-time training is to spell out exactly why a particular product or service fits the needs of the client.

CT 1.png

The system returns all of the clients that meet the criteria selected in the Quick Search in the form of a call list.  This list is complete with all the information on each opportunity.  Opportunity Reports can also be printed from the system.

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Configure the business rules to your company’s marketing strategy

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The RightBRIDGE® business rules are easily configured to fit your company’s marketing strategy by adjusting the parameters for each suggestion.  For example, you can easily configure the scoring of the appropriate age for a variable annuity, and how it scores for each age in your age band.

RightBRIDGE® uses a configurable rule-base to rank and score each sales suggestion.