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The RightBRIDGE® Investment Wizard uses the RightBRIDGE engine to determine the relevance of specific managed investment products for a client’s goals and objectives. Much like the Annuity Wizard, the Investment Wizard gathers and scores key information.

The scoring engine will also identify and determine the most appropriate investment products that are available from the company’s inventory of products.  The output consists of suggestions that best meet the client’s objectives.

How it Works

With the large number of investment products from multiple money managers it can often be challenging for a financial professional to effectively focus on investments across a wide variety of asset classes.  Advisors are expected to know all of the available products, their features, and performance; at the same time demonstrate that they are upholding a best interest standard for the client. This ensures that the right products with the right features are evaluated and discussed with the client in plain easy-to-understand terms.


Investment Wizard Five Step Process:

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Fact Finding

The Investment Wizard is a goal based suggestion tool. It gathers basic information about the client.

  • Time Horizon

  • Income

  • Withdrawals

  • Preferred Investment

  • Investment Goal

  • Investment

  • Risk Tolerance

  • Capacity for Risk

  • Liquidity

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Asset Allocation/Risk Tolerance

The RightBridge engine scores all relevant data to determine the appropriate model.

  • Models are dynamic based on investment amount

  • Models are administratively defined

  • Reason Text is generated that explains why a particular asset mix was determined.

  • The user may or may not have the ability to make adjustments to the proposed mix.

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Fund Program Selection

Where appropriate, fund programs for Target Timeline,  Allocate across Multiple Funds and Managed Funds Programs can be scored and presented.  ReasonText™ is also presented for each program.

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Product Selection

Once an asset allocation is determined, the engine evaluates the relevance of specific investment products in the company’s inventory of available options based upon the best fit for the client’s needs.

  • ReasonTextfor each fund will explain the scoring in terms that help the advisor quickly understand and ultimately help the advisor explain the solution to the client.

  • Multifactor Scoring of products within an asset class

  • Consolidation of funds within collapsed asset classes.

  • Side by side comparison- A financial professional can also compare the suggested investment options side-by-side.

  • Selection of one or more funds to meet the clients needs

A financial professional can select any of these investment products listed and is provided with detailed ReasonText on each investment option. This text will explain the scoring in terms that help the advisor quickly understand and ultimately help the advisor explain the solution to the client.

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Summary of Results

In addition to the RightBridge Investment Wizard’s on-screen capabilities, a report can also be generated. The report captures the client data used in the analysis as well as selected mutual funds complete with ReasonText for each mutual fund and a comparison of the funds selected.

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Push to Order Entry/Application

Once the mutual fund selection process is complete the mutual funds and allocation can be sent to an order processing function through the RightBridge API.

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