The RightBRIDGE Insurance Wizard uses a sales intelligence engine to determine the amount, mix and type of insurance for a client’s needs and objectives. The engine then compares the different type of insurance and rank orders those that best meet the client’s objectives.


The RightBRIDGE Life Insurance and Annuity Validation Tools use an artificial intelligence engine to determine the suitability of a proposed or in-force policy for New York Reg 187. The solution supports new sales, replacements or changes to an existing policy.

Fact Finding

The LI Wizard gathers client information including client’s age, income, and current insurance coverage.

Comparison Report

Users can compare an expanded selection of life insurance types.

Analyzes and Calculates Needs

The engine analyzes and calculates the size and mix of insurance that a client may need.

Step One: Fact Finding

In addition to capturing the basic information regarding the client the LI Wizard helps to identify the specific needs for insurance.  The input screen allows the advisor to quickly select the areas of need for life insurance. The LI Wizard gathers client information including client’s age, income, and current insurance coverage

Life Insurance Step 1 .png
LI Step 1 pt 2 .png

Step 2: Calculating Size of Need and Analyzing the Type of Insurance Needs

The size and type of insurance needs are analyzed and presented in an easy to understand layout.

Li Step 2 pt 2 .png
LI Step 2 pt 1 .png

The engine calculates the size and mix of insurance and graphically illustrates the time horizon on each type of insurance need identified.  ReasonText explains both the calculations and recommended insurance mix.


Step Three: Summary of Product Options

LI Step 3 .png

The life-time and temporary insurance products are rank ordered and explained. A financial professional can select any of the products listed and is provided with detailed ReasonText™ on each insurance policy.


Step Four: Side-By-Side Comparison

A financial professional can also select to compare life insurance products side-by-side as illustrated on the screen to the left.  

Once the advisor selects the insurance products they can illustrate the premiums, cash value build up and death benefits and make any adjustments to the mix of life-time and temporary insurance.

Li Step 4 .png

The Life Insurance Wizard Difference

Reason why the Life Insurance Wizard is different than other software options

Reason 1: Reason Text

Reason Text gives the financial professional detailed dialogue to present to their (client) based on the data that has previously been entered.

Reason 2: Side By Side Comparison

Side-by-Side Comparisons allow financial professionals to view and analyze selected annuities and sort based on features and costs.

Reason 3: Printed Reports

The report captures the client data used in the analysis as well as selected annuities complete with reason text for each annuity and a comparison chart of the annuities selected