CapitalRock, LLC provides rule-based product validation / selection tools and needs-based customer analytics to the financial services industry.   CapitalRock was founded in 2007 by a group of industry experts that have been building customer relationship and wealth management solutions for the financial services market for 30 years.

CapitalRock provides a systematic process to help advisors select and/or validate the best product types and products for each individual client’s needs and preferences.   CapitalRock's RightBRIDGE product selection tools focus on providing unbiased suggestions using a scoring engine and ReasonText™ that explain why a product  fits a client's needs. RightBRIDGE® helps advisors determine which products available on their product shelf are best suited to meet their clients’ needs, objectives and preferences.   An advisor can also self select a product and use the RightBRIDGE® product validation process to confirm the product meets their clients’ needs, objectives and preferences. Firms are using the RightBRIDGE® technology to integrate Best Interest into their process as a business practice regardless of the constantly changing regulatory landscape.
The RightBRIDGE Client Profiler® is a needs-based AI engine that identifies all relevant client needs and opportunities. The Client Profiler uses a Smart Questionnaire to develop financial priorities and a client profile. RightBRIDGE Client Profiler can also be used to find all relevant needs-based product opportunities for clients in a financial professional’s book of business and delivers top sale opportunities to financial advisors.   i.e. All the clients in a book of business that are a good fit for an annuity discussion. RightBRIDGE Client Profiler  was first deployed at New York Life in 2009.