Step One - Data Collection

The RightBridge Annuity Validation Tool collects the following data:

  • State of Issue 

  • Validation Type – New Policy, Change to Existing Policy, Replacement Policy

  • Product(s) to be validated from drop down list of products

    • Insured details

    • Annuity Purpose

    • Financial Details

    • Other state regulated data elements

Annuity Reg 187 Input Screen 5 9 19.png
Annuity Reg 187 Report Data Summary 5 9 19.png

Step 2 - Validation 

he data collected in the questionnaire creates a case which is run through the RightBridge scoring engine and determines through a set of configured suitability rules whether the transaction meets the best interest standard, needs further review, or is not a best interest transaction.

Annuity Reg 187 Output Report.png
Annuity Reg 187 Validation Screen.png

Case Results include the following:

  • Overall Validation Score (0-100)

  • Overall Validation status/color (Red, Yellow, Green)

  • Individual checks of the 13 Data points in the regulation

  • ReasonText™ supporting and explaining the status of the checks

  • Scores for each ReasonText™ element

  • Color indicator for each ReasonText™ element

PDF report containing all the above information and a summary of the case.

Back Office Dashboard 

Back office users are provided with a dashboard that summarizes all suitability reviews submitted to the RightBridge Reg 187 application. This application will provide back office and supervisory users the ability to see cases that have been submitted.

When a user logs in the dashboard they are presented with a summary of the case activity and summarized results based on where they fit into the user hierarchy (Firm ,General Agency, Unit, Advisor, Rep Code ).

Product Validation Report - AW 5 16 19.png