RightBridge Sales Tool for Advisors is Fully Integrated into Salesforce.com

Salt Lake City, Utah, August 25, 2008 -

CapitalRock announced today that it has completed the integration of its RightBridge Sales Tool into Salesforce.com’s Wealth Management Edition, to identify real-time sales and services opportunities for financial advisors leveraging the comprehensive CRM data within Salesforce.com.

The RightBridge solution uses a robust rules engine to analyze clients’ positions, balances, holdings, transaction history and demographic information to determine the most appropriate and relevant sales opportunities for advisors to discuss with their clients. RightBridge also provides the reasons why each opportunity is relevant, assisting the advisor in understanding why each suggestion is relevant.

“This will allow Salesforce.com customers to take advantage of RightBridge as a AppExchange Solution,” says John Hyde, CEO of CapitalRock. “With the integration of RightBridge into SalesForce.com, when an advisor accesses a client within Salesforce.com, they can view the sales opportunities identified by RightBridge and access them directly from the client information tab, enabling a seamless sales process. As such, Salesforce.com customers can take advantage of the RightBridge solution quickly, allowing their advisors to become more productive and drive significant sales revenue in very little time.”

Customers of Salesforce.com can take advantage of RightBridge immediately by contacting CaptialRock at 801- 951-1318 or visiting www.capitalrock.com.

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About CapitalRock

CapitalRock, LLC is focused on maximizing sales opportunities within a company’s customer base. CapitalRock was founded by a group of industry experts that have been building customer relationship and wealth management solutions for the financial services market for 20 years. The founders began using expert systems in the financial planning and wealth management arena in 1987, and over the years have applied various analytical and rules engines to the areas of online trading, compliance and suitability, real-time market data distribution, new account opening, and wealth management. The founders also pioneered the development of a component-based architecture called the Common Services Architecture (CSA) that is now widely used as a common technology platform across SunGard Data Systems. For more information, visit http://www.capitalrock.com.

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