Client Profiler

The RightBRIDGE Client Profiler® is a needs-based AI engine that identifies all relevant client needs and opportunities.

 ·         The Client Profiler uses a Smart Questionnaire to develop financial priorities and a client profile

·         Scores each planning topic

·         Uses ReasonText™ to explain results

·         Provides automated annual reviews



Product Profiler

The RightBRIDGE Product Profiler® uses a scoring methodology to help determine which mix of investment vehicles or products is best suited for an individual client. These suggestions are combined with ReasonText™ that explain why a product type fits a client’s needs.

  • Maps needs and preferences to product types

  • Scores each product category for “fit”

  • ReasonText™ is used to explain each product category fit



Annuity Wizard

The RightBRIDGE® Annuity Wizard helps advisors determine which annuities available on their product shelf are best suited to meet their clients’ needs, objectives and preferences.  Supported annuity types include: Variable, Fixed Indexed, Investment Only Variable, SPIA, DIA and Fixed Annuities

  • Annuity Selection- Find a “best fit” annuity for your client.  The RightBridge scoring engine pulls in your firm’s annuity product shelf and evaluates it against a set of configurable client questions to determine a set of “best fit” annuities.  Is it a Variable Annuity, Fixed Indexed Annuity, Fixed Annuity, Variable Indexed Annuity, SPIA or DIA.  Do you need an annuity with a living benefit, death benefit, long-term-care or just as an investment?

  • Lookup- Research a particular annuity on your product shelf.  Fact sheets on each annuity highlighting such information as: Fees, state approvals, riders available, FIA rates and caps, surrender schedules, funds available and fees.

  • Annuity Search Tables- Look up an annuity that meets specific criteria:  FIA with S&P 500, 2-year term with the highest cap rate.  VAs with multiple investment options and maximum investment flexibility.  Fixed Annuities with the highest yield to surrender.

Life Insurance Wizard diagram.png

Life Insurance Wizard

The RightBRIDGE Life Insurance Wizard uses an AI engine to determine the amount, mix and type of insurance for a client’s needs and objectives. The engine then compares the different types of insurance and rank orders those that best meet the client’s objectives.

  • The LI Wizard gathers client information including client’s age, income, and current insurance coverage.

  • Users can compare an expanded selection of life insurance types

  • The engine analyzes and calculates the size and mix of insurance that a client may need.

  • ReasonText explains both the calculations and recommended insurance mix. .


Investment Wizard

The RightBRIDGE® Investment Wizard uses the RightBRIDGE engine to determine the relevance of specific managed investment products for a client’s goals and objectives. The scoring engine will also identify and determine the most appropriate investment products that are available from the company’s inventory of products.  The output consists of suggestions that best meet the client’s objectives. The system uses the following steps.

  • Fact Finding

  • Asset Allocation/Risk Tolerance

  • Program Selection

  • Product Selection

  • Summary of Results

  • Push to Order Entry/Application


New York Reg 187 Validation

The Reg 187 Validation Tool uses the RightBRIDGE® scoring engine to determine the suitability of a proposed or in-force insurance policy in the regulated state such as New York. The system allows users to either validate a preselected product or use a RightBRIDGE® Product Selection Wizard to evaluate all available insurance options. The process begins with a questionnaire that gathers the key data elements and supporting information required by Reg 187. The case data is then evaluated in light of the licensing firms Reg 187 Best Interest policies. Learn More



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